“We are dedicated to teaching the art of Latin dance in a stress-free, fun and encouraging environment while striving to inspire dancers and providing experiences that will support the development of many different skills such as teamwork, responsibility, listening skills, respect for others as well as creating a greater sense of self-worth,  and self-confidence.”

 Regina Salseros is the first Salsa school in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Regina Salseros is dedicated to providing quality and affordable dance instruction to students at all skill levels.  Our programs are detailed, fun and easy to follow. We provide a unique dancing experience with a focus on maintaining a growing dance community.  We believe that maintaining a family environment where people can learn to dance, meet others and have fun, all while feeling comfortable, is the key to developing great dancers. Our goal is to not only teach interested students salsa techniques in order to give them confidence on the dance floor, but also to instill in them a life-long sense of self-worth, teamwork and respect for others

We want to welcome you to the world of Salsa in Regina Saskatchewan.

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Our Team

William Siguenza


William has always had Salsa in his soul. Growing up in El Salvador, dancing plays a big part in family gatherings and town festivals. It’s just not a party or a celebration without music and dance! It’s what brings people together even in the hardest of times.

Now residing in Regina, Saskatchewan, William shares his love and passion for dance in our Queen City. He began teaching Salsa for fun with the University of Regina Salsa Club, which was created by a couple of friends who shared the same vision.   Since then, his love for teaching has grown immensely, and the interest for salsa dancing has grown in the city specially in the last few years.   William decided it was time to take it to the next level and that’s how the Regina Salseros was born.

William continues to train dancers in the a full array of classes, not only in Salsa, but in numerous other Latin rhythms such as Bachata, Cha-Cha-Cha, Merengue, and Cumbia. William also coaches and leads each of the Regina Salseros Performance Teams who perform on Congress stages all throughout North America. He has attended multiple International Salsa and Bachata Congresses in Canada and in the United States where he strives to improve his dancing and teaching skills with International Professionals and World Champions. William is dedicated to helping his students find their own artistic expression and to share with them a little piece of his home and culture.

William and the Regina Salseros also host the longest running and most anticipated Salsa nights in the City and have watched the salsa community grow throughout the years.  The community has grown so much in fact, that former students have become a part of the Regina Salseros teaching staff while others have branched out to teach at other schools in the city.  William is proud to say that the Regina Salseros have been such an influential part in creating a sound dance community in a city that may never have otherwise experienced the absolute joy Salsa brings!

“Having fun and sharing with others is what dancing is all about! It makes me feel like I am home” – William Siguenza

Hayley Csada

Hayley began dancing at the age of 5 with the Regina Balaton Hungarian Dancers. Over the course of many years, she participated in the Hungarian pavilion at Mosaic, where her love of performing began.
Hayley also has a background as an artistic gymnast where she competed at a provincial level. In 2009, she won first place all around in her division at the Gymnastics Saskatchewan Provincial Championships. Hayley also has experience coaching gymnastics to children and teens.

It was during her Spanish class in 2016 when Hayley first observed a salsa demonstration. She was instantly hooked! Hayley started taking salsa lessons shortly after, and performed her first salsa routine at the International Saskatchewan Salsa and Bachata Congress. In 2017, she joined the Regina Salseros Ladies Performance Team and has performed at many salsa congresses across western Canada. Hayley has been trained in other rhythms and styles including bachata, merengue, cha-cha-cha, cumbia, and kizomba.

Coming from a family of educators, teaching appears to be in Hayley’s blood. As such, Hayley takes great pride in sharing her passion with others as an instructor with Regina Salseros. Since 2019, Hayley has been choreographing and teaching children’s salsa classes. More recently, Hayley has begun assisting with recreational classes available to the public and private classes to students of all ages.

In order to further enhance her own dancing and teaching repertoire, Hayley traveled to Mexico City in 2020 to complete Module 1 of the NewyoricanMambo – Intensive Training program. She also regularly seeks out opportunities to take private lessons with professional latin dancers from around the world.

“I’ve always loved thinking on my feet… that’s why I dance!” – Hayley

Flany B

Flany Ba was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec where she was exposed to dance at a very young age. She carries and extensive dance background which includes several African dances such as Coupe Decale, and Ndombolo, and has also trained in and performed the art of Cabaret Style Belly dance for over 10 years.

As Flany’s love and passion for dance grew, she most recently turned to social dancing where she was introduced to Bachata, Merengue and, of course, Salsa! But, it wasn’t until she found the romantic and sexy Kizomba that she discovered a special connections to all her previous dance work. Flany has trained under some of the best Kizomba instructors in Montreal and Paris, and has invited numerous world renowned instructors to our Queen City to share her love and enthusiasm for the dance.

Flany became a part of the Regina Salseros team as our official Kizomba instructor in November of 2014 and remains the only Kizomba instructor in Regina. She has also joined the Regina Salseros Performance team, where she has choreographed and performed numerous routines in all disciplines of dance that the school has to offer. Flany has participated in and performed on many International Salsa and Bachata Congress stages across Canada and most recently into the United States when she and her teammate represented Canada in Reno NV! Flany has also been a part AfroFest for multiple years and is always and anticipated performer at the festival.

“People look so happy while dancing and I just wanted to be a part of the happiness” – Flany Ba