Adult Lessons


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Adults Recreational Classes Starting Monday January 21


Salsa Fundamentals  Monday 6:30pm 

(No Pre-requisite)
Not sure where to start? Feeling intimidated? We’ve been there too! We welcome you to join our Fundamentals classes. This class is designed for students with little or no salsa dance experience. Students learn fundamentals of salsa timing, rhythm, footwork, and are introduced to dancing with a partner. We will also go over the basic structure of Latin music and discuss some of the differences between various salsa styles. These progressive sessions are essential for beginners and newcomers to salsa; these would also benefit those who have enjoyed dancing at clubs but have never taken a lesson.

Salsa Fundamentals 8 Weeks starting January 21 2019 $115/person


Salsa Fundamentals II – 6 weeks Monday 7:30pm
(Pre-requisites: Salsa Fundamentals I)
This is a continuation of the Salsa Fundamentals Class. We will focus on Salsa timing, rhythm, footwork, and the basics of leading and following principles with the introduction of basic patterns that will make the dancer more confident with the Cross Body Lead (CBL). This class will get you ready for our Lead & Follow Techniques Class.

Salsa Fundamentals II 6 Weeks starting January 21 2019 $95/person

Adults Recreational Class Starting January 22


Rueda de Casino Tuesday 6:30pm

(Pre-requisite: Salsa Fundamentals I & II)
Join this fun class!! Dancers pair up and form a circle, dance moves are called out by a designated caller (“líder” or “cantante” in Spanish). Many moves have hand signs to complement the calls; these are useful in noisy venues, where spoken calls might not be easily heard. Dancers move around and many move require the swapping of partners.

Rueda de Casino 4 Weeks starting January 22 2019 $75/person


Adults Recreational Class Starting February 05


Bachata  Tuesday  7:30pm

(No Pre-requisite)
Learn the dance that is a favorite amongst so many dancer around the world!!!
We will be paying close attention to proper technique and form.
This class will focus on developing a good understanding of the timing, moods and variations of the music.

Bachata 6 Weeks starting February 05 2019 $95/person





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Private Lessons
If you prefer a more personal approach we offer private lessons in Salsa, Cha cha, Merengue and Bachata.
Group privates are also available!

******* If you prefer you can get a one year subscription to our classes, contact us for
details, this would be a subscription to classes with a monthly rate. *******


WHAT TO WEAR:  Wear whatever you are comfortable dancing in.

SHOES: Please bring CLEAN, non-scuffing indoor shoes (dance heels, flats, or even socks work fine.
Dress shoes for men).
• No outside shoes allowed in the studio.
• Dancers must bring an extra pair of shoes or they will not be allowed to wear their shoes.
Ladies please ensure the back of the foot is secured, dance shoes are preferred but not required.

• Reserve your spot today, limited class space.
• Please arrive 10 minutes early to register for classes and bring a change of clothing (guaranteed to sweat).

• Bring a water bottle.

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You will receive a confirmation of registration within 48 hours

IN PERSON: Our in-person registration dates vary as classes are offered through the year.
Bring cash, cheque, or credit card. We do NOT accept debit cards.

If you have any questions please message us.