Kids Lessons


Kids and Teens Lessons – September 2021


Two cartoon dancers dancing
Regina Salseritos
(This is an ongoing class, a 4 month minimum enrollment required)
(No Pre-requisites)
A great opportunity for young dancers to take a step into the fun and exciting world of Latin Dance!! Students will learn a variety of movements that will focus on the fundamentals of Salsa dancing, as well as incorporate various other Latin Rhythms in order to build their dance vocabulary. Regina Salseritos will also help your child learn about structure, coordination and teamwork in a fun and friendly studio setting!
“We are happy and excited to welcome the next generation of stars into our dance community!!!”
-Will & Jen

Note: In order to be able to achieve continuity and tangible progress we encourage students to sign up for more than a month of classes. Please note that drop-ins will not be allowed and the program requires a minimum number of registrations to proceed.

** We are showcasing their numbers at the International Saskatchewan Salsa and Bachata Congress in Saskatoon and at the Winnipeg International Salsa Congress.  These events are held in June of next year. **  Please notice this is to be determined later as events start to happen again.

Classes Expected to start September 5 2021



Salsa Class 8-12 yrs  3pm-4pm

Kids Class – 8-12yrs starting September 2021 $65/month + fees

Kids Class – 8-12yrs starting September 2021 $273/Semester + fees (4 months)

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* Fees include studio fees, registration fees and extra practices times,


if you have any questions about enrollment, please message us –> here